"Poetry is the deep emotions we hide in our heart that become the words that can't be said."
- Carie Albers

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5 days ago | 7 notes

It wasn’t a dream. Everything we felt and everything we shared was real. I loved every single moment I spent with you. It’s all gone. It’s all my fault. I loved you too much.

- Carie Albers
1 week ago

I feel this incredible need to touch you and the moment that I do, an intense wave of pleasure flows through my veins and ignites my heart.

- Carie Albers
1 year ago

The Greatest


The distance so near is yet so far away

Something wanted became something lost

Somewhere out there is the memory of something that could’ve became the greatest

By: Carie Albers

2 years ago


A heart that feels broken

From the words that must remain unspoken

The tears that keep falling

Hearing the voice that keeps calling

The emptyness inside with the pain that seems so strong

And the feeling that won’t go away that seems so wrong

Things that just don’t seem clear

Are held back by all doubt and fear

What seems right may be wrong after all

One little slip would result in a very hard fall

Going against everything that is known

And trying so hard to keep this feeling….unknown

By: Carie Albers